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Handcrafted syrups for soda, mocktails, cocktails, or coffee

Founded in 2021 in Dayton, OH., we produce syrups for everything from a refreshing soda at home to an expertly crafted cocktail or mocktail at your favorite bar.


We're always working on seasonal flavors in addition to our core offerings. Check back to find your new favorite syrup!

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We make your syrup on Monday and ship it on Tuesday

Get your bottle of our Sour Cherry & Rhubarb Syrup or Orange Chai delivered straight to your door.

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Sour Cherry Rhubarb Syrup -$24.95

Orange Chai Syrup -$24.95

Pumpkin Vanilla.jpg

Pumpkin Vanilla

Cardamom Syrup - $24.95

Enjoy 1.5 ounces of syrup in a 16oz glass over ice, fill with soda water and stir. Feel free to experiment in cocktails with your favorite spirits.

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How are you using Rock, Paper Soda?

Whether it's in a beverage or as a glaze on a cake, we'd love to see your photos and recipes using Rock, Paper, Soda!

We welcome all comments and questions by email at 

Please get in contact with us by email as well with any questions or interest about setting up a wholesale account for your business or event.

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